Youth Choirs

The Benefits of Choir Youth

Choirs can introduce children to a whole new world of service. For example, choirs who sing at assisted living or nursing homes open channels of communication with older people.

Inspire your youth by offering incentives like children’s musicals, choir tours and church-wide performances. These will attract young singers. They will become a part of the choir family, which will grow over the years.

1. Develop a love for music

Choir offers an opportunity to socialize with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and academic majors. It’s a great way to make new friends and build community.

Developing a love of music in youth is one of the most important things that choir teachers do. They are not just their teacher, they’re also their mentor and counselor (especially during a difficult time in their lives), their encourager and supporter, and their community-builder.

Children who sing in choirs tend to perform better in school than those who do not. A study published several years ago reported that kids who participated in choir got A’s in math and English, as well as advanced skills in teamwork and leadership.

Performing in front of an audience also helps develop a love for music. As the children from Tmarim report, each performance “pushes you to a new peak” of pressure and concentration (Nielsen, 2008). Visiting assisted living and nursing homes with your children’s choirs also exposes them to a world they might not be familiar with and provides an avenue to show the residents their talents and passions.

2. Develop a love for God

When your kids join the choir they can develop a love for God. Children will learn that the singing of hymns is an important part of worship and that the songs they sing are written to praise God.

Those who are involved in choir also have the opportunity to serve others. They can perform in community events, at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This shows the kids that they can use their talents to show the love of God to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Singing in a choir can be very challenging and requires patience. But it is also very rewarding. The process of learning new music helps develop a discipline that can be applied to all aspects of life. It teaches them how to practice and to persevere in the face of difficulty. It also teaches them how to read musical notation and to memorize lyrics. This can be a great help in school where memorization is often required.

3. Develop a love for others

Singers are not only part of a musical community, they also work with people from all walks of life. This can expose kids to new cultures and lifestyles they may not have seen otherwise. They will also learn about teamwork, which will be useful for them in the future as they join sports teams or other social groups.

Being a choir member also teaches kids to read music and memorize lyrics. These skills will help them later in school when they have to do things like take notes or memorize state capitals for history class. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with friends and family members in a fun and creative way!

In addition, having your child sing in front of others can boost their confidence. This can help them be more apt to speak up in class, ask questions on tests or during a group project and even stand up for their beliefs.

4. Develop a love for yourself

When you sing, your vocal muscles become stronger and you learn to control your voice. This can lead to better pronunciation and communication, and even increased confidence.

Singing also requires memorizing and recalling lyrics, music, and part names and lines. This helps with schoolwork and can improve vocabulary. It also develops listening and attention skills. Anyone who has tried to remember the song for states and capitals can attest to this!

Choir also teaches respect and responsibility. It’s not enough to pay for a term and then come to rehearsals whenever you feel like it – that’s disrespectful to your fellow members, the director, and the group as a whole. You must show up on time, know your part, and pay attention to every cue!

Singing in a choir can help you get to know others and develop lasting friendships. This can be a powerful way to combat loneliness and depression. So don’t wait, sign up for choir today!

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